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Genre: Series / Drama
Thursday 17 April 2014 @ 14:00
Series 3, Episode 13

US family drama following the chaotic lives of Eric and Annie Camden and their seven children.

Genre: Series / Detective
Thursday 17 April 2014 @ 12:00
Series 4, Episode 16

This popular crime drama series follows the graphic findings of the Las Vegas Police Department. The team investigate the death of a man who appears to have been dressed in clown makeup. S4, Ep16/23

Genre: Series / Drama
Thursday 17 April 2014 @ 18:00
Series 12, Episode 309

Iconic American drama serial following the turbulent lives of the Ewing family. Miss Ellie and Clayton go to New England to try to resolve the mystery of the key. Ep309

Genre: Series / Drama
Saturday 19 April 2014 @ 14:00
Series 1, Episode 3

Miles meets up with Adam in Switzerland, and convinces him that being involved with the Consortium is cruel and dangerous. Later, Adam and Blake reunite. Part 3 of 4.

Genre: Series / Detective
Friday 18 April 2014 @ 10:00
Series 3, Episode 21

Drama following a Catholic priest who solves mysteries surrounding terrible crimes. Father Dowling and Sherlock Holmes prove to be an unbeatable team. S3, Ep21/22

Genre: Series / Drama
Sunday 20 April 2014 @ 14:00
Series 1, Episode 1

Featuring a giddy mix of power, sex, money and fame, this glitzy adaptation of Jackie Collins novel follows rich Hollywood vixens as they use any means to get exactly what they want. Part 1 of 3.

Genre: Series / Action
Thursday 17 April 2014 @ 01:55
Series 7, Episode 10

The JAG team led by Commander Harm Rabb investigate another military case. After Harm fails to negotiate the release of the intel plane from China, it is destroyed by a naval aviator. S7, Ep10/24

Genre: Series / Chat Show
Thursday 17 April 2014 @ 20:00
Series 19, Episode 94

Take-no-prisoners talk show with infamous host, Jerry Springer.

Genre: Series / Chat Show
Thursday 17 April 2014 @ 15:00
Series 9, Episode 23

Bringing real-life drama to TV, this American reality courtroom show stars the opinionated and formidable Judge Judith Sheindlin as she dishes out firm but fair justice with lightning speed. S9, Ep23

Genre: Series / Drama
Thursday 17 April 2014 @ 17:00
Series 11, Episode 26

US soap opera about the residents of a cul-de-sac in California. Karen is frightened when she returns home to find a photograph of herself torn into pieces and a creepy message. S11, Ep26/29

Genre: Series / Drama
Saturday 19 April 2014 @ 22:00
Series 1, Episode 3

US fly-on-the-wall documentary featuring drunks, prostitutes and petty criminals and the officers who have to deal with them. A man is restrained when he tries to attack an officer. S1, Ep3/8

Genre: Series / Detective
Tuesday 22 April 2014 @ 10:00
Series 1, Episode 1

US crime drama about brilliant but cantankerous criminal defence attorney Ben Matlock. A judge murders his mistress and then presides over the case. S1, Ep1/23

Genre: Series / Drama
Tuesday 29 April 2014 @ 12:00
Series 4, Episode 1

Guest starring Angelica Huston. Patricia Arquette stars as a psychic who uses her powers to crack crimes. Allison has a dream about a boy who was kidnapped from a toy store. S4, Ep1/16

Genre: Series / Drama
Thursday 17 April 2014 @ 01:00
Series 5, Episode 5

Drama comedy about a family of crooks who try to go on the straight and narrow. Everyone gathers for a momentous event, the launch of Pascalles infomercial! S5, Ep5/19

Genre: Series / Comedy
Thursday 17 April 2014 @ 13:00
Series 3, Episode 16

Series about the staff of a New York taxi firm, and their unforgiving, grumpy boss (Danny DeVito). An old lady takes the cab firm to court for a million dollars. S3, Ep16/22

Genre: Series / Drama
Saturday 26 April 2014 @ 01:00
Series 1, Episode 1

1980s Dynasty spin-off centring on the rich and powerful Colbys of California. Jason holds a press conference revealing plans of a venture between Colby Enterprises and Denver-Carrington. S1, Ep1/24

Genre: Series / Action
Thursday 17 April 2014 @ 16:00
Series 3, Episode 9

A real on the street feel to this hard hitting show. The wife of a boxing champ is murdered in a hotel room, which is not good news for Temple... S3 Ep9/22

Genre: Series / Drama
Saturday 19 April 2014 @ 01:00
Series 9, Episode 17

Drama series surrounding angels and Gods assignments for them on Earth. Monica meets a man who is trying to change the worlds reliance on oil. S9, Ep17/22

Genre: Series / Lifestyle
Saturday 19 April 2014 @ 20:00
Series 1, Episode 63

Compelling series exploring intriguing mysteries. A look at the life and work of a police artist, plus we look at the case of a murder in a possible teenage love triangle.

Genre: Series / Drama
Thursday 17 April 2014 @ 23:50
Series 5, Episode 14

School drama centring on the lives and loves of the teachers and pupils at a failing comprehensive. Lauren is devastated when her secret is revealed. S5, Ep14/20
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